Day 10 is Hors D’Oeuvres with Lots of Lux (from day 1) as an accent. I’m loving this Encrusted collection! #12daysofessie
Outfit repeat. Thanks has to go to Spark Sessions for this skirt haha #AsSeenOnBloggers
Almost forgot… Day 7 is Stylenomics (a very deep forest green) & I paired it with Jazzy Jubilant #12daysofessie
Day 6 is much needed cuticle oil #12daysofessie
I love the design on this #MarkCosmetics makeup bag!
Wearing Day 5 (Imported Bubbly) today. Kind of streaky but it catches the light beautifully #12daysofessie
Successful foray into chocolatier-ing :)
Day 4 is Dive Bar. Still rocking Jazzy Jubilant as an accent nail #12daysofessie
Wearing Day 3 (Head Mistress) with Jazzy Jubilant as an accent #12daysofessie
Opening my #loosebutton #12daysofessie advent calendar for the last half of the countdown to Christmas. Day 1&2: Oh My Gold & Lots of Lux :) x
Great hair with Pantene moisture whip on top #12DaysOfBeauty
A quick giveaway is happening on the blog :) x
It’s difficult to tell the difference between #COVERGIRL Nearly Naked & #ESSIE Sand Tropez. I’m loving this beige-y nude, though.